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So, my travel adventure is over. I am converting my site back to a personal nature and have yet to decide fully what to put here on the page. That said, I am starting with writing. I goto The Ohio State University and currently my major is English - Creative Writing. Although I would like to actually major in Spanish now that I am on main campus. I also work fully time 40 hrous a week. Learning or rahte re-learning about the language and expanding my job skills in this day and age is vitally important. I was reminded of this fact when earlier this week the office I worked in for 17 and a half years announced it is closing it's doors. All of my former co-workers are losing their jobs. While I am very sad for most of them (let's be honest, some of them I hate or strongly dislike and frankly they deserve it) I am immensely thankful I am not in that situation. In the last year I have moved on from that job and created a good, positive environment for myself. I am respected, appreciated and surrounded by positive people who I like. 


Well, that is all for now. I have more homework to do and my mac is in need of charging. 

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